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Should Your Website Be Responsive?


The short answer is yes, but the real question is why. Everybody has visited a website on their phone and endured a nightmarish experience trying to navigate through the pages by pinching, zooming, and scrolling.  You could whip out your magnify glass which would help read that tiny text but in the age of tablets and smart phones the public knows all too well they cannot stand navigating through a website this way. In short, a responsive website is a site which properly fits to the screen size of any device whether it be a tiny phone, tablet, pc or movie theater. A responsive site takes all of the elements and content of your website and properly reorganizes their size and layout structure to look its best for any screen size and resolution. Hence name “responsive website” since the site responds appropriately as it needs to.

We don’t need to look at how to change your website into a responsive one right now, we will focus on the why. One heavy reason to make sure your site is responsive is from Google’s April 2015 update, which stated non-responsive/mobile-friendly websites will undertake a significant drop on the search engine results and Google will favor responsive sites by making sure they are showing more prominently on the search results. Your website will be penalized for not being mobile-friendly. Google’s goal is to provide the best search experience they can offer and most users prefer to read a responsive/mobile friendly site over one that is not. With Google owning over 80% of the mobile search volume, its no wonder they are favoring websites this way bring all websites into conformity. So if your business relies on or receives business from search engine traffic you might want to pay attention to Google’s updates and make some changes. Plus consider the fact that Cisco Visual Networking Index has projected mobile web traffic to blow up above 95% by 2019. Even if these projections are off a few points, the demand and usage of these little internet devices are off the charts. So website owners can either play by the rules of the game, or suffer the penalties of ignoring them. Either way you look at it, responsive/mobile-friendly website designs are not going away any time soon.

If you don’t know whether or not your site is responsive or mobile-friendly, Google provides a quick and simple test you can take here at Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The test will also give your some ideas of where and what to change on your website to boost your compliance with their new rules. So if your site is not yet responsive, the good news is it can be modified to become mobile-friendly. If you are about to build a site be sure to make it responsive from the start, it will most definitely save you time and money.

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