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Local Seo

Mobile searches or desktop searches – make it easier for your local customers to find you.

The goal here is to get your website ranked on the maps results found on the search engines.  It’s important to have at least the basics set up of what Google recommends, such as making sure you have a Google Plus business page set up properly, make sure you have your profile filled out 100% as recommended, linking up your YouTube videos to your G+ page if you have any etc.

Local search engine optimization usually only has few balloons of businesses which show up on the 1st page of Google’s map results and if your business is not on that first page, chances are that customer will not find you at all because lets be honest; the first page of Google’s results has more than enough information on it, especially with Google’s personalized search algorithms, so there is not much reason to go to page 2 or 3 of Google.

What we do is make sure first your website is set up correctly fundamentally, then we’ll set up your main directories which will show up on the local results of the search engines (Google Plus, Yahoo Local, Bing Local).  We will also make sure your pages have enough content in them to successfully rank for local keywords.  So Local SEO is much like regular SEO, but we focus heavily on city specific or certain geographical area keywords to show up in the search engines.

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