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We create and manage your campaigns to target your exact niche audience, at the right time, the right way.

When it comes to marketing through Google Adwords (Pay Per Click/PPC) campaigns it is very important to have the campaign set up correctly and closely monitored for optimal performance.  Most businesses are familiar with PPC and have dealt with it at some point in time, but the overwhelming majority of campaigns are nowhere near set up properly.  Most are set up by a staff member, family or friend who adds some keywords, writes an ad or two, sets a budget and hits start.  Most of the time we find excessive waste, keywords missed, ads incorrectly set up and not correlated with the keyword and not linking to an appropriate page on the website.  We commonly see the campaign geographically activated in the wrong areas, ads running at the wrong time of day, budgets set up incorrectly, and not showing up on all devices the right way.

These are just a few common issues which hinder most business’s campaigns we see.  We’re Google Adwords Certified, have been managing campaigns of all sizes for several years and have an established relationship with our dedicated Google Partner reps for consulting.  Most clients are local Naples, FL Google Adwords clients or Ft Myers Google PPC clients, but Alpha can easily service any business’s campaign anywhere in the country.  PPC is very powerful when set up correctly and is very transparent on its performance, plus it can be activated quickly showing immediate return on investment as opposed to SEO marketing, which is more of an investment approach.  What it all comes down to is if the phone is ringing and if a business is receiving leads through the website.  Alpha Web Marketing can set up a new campaign for you, or review your current campaign and provide you basic recommendations.  Give us a chance to show your business the power of Google Adwords.


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