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Social Media

We’ll brand your media pages to match your site and expand your content across the major social media platforms.

Social media marketing is like wildfire and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Alpha Web Marketing can set up all the necessary social media accounts needed to brand yourself correctly on the web and more importantly for you, expand your reach across the web to gain more visitors.  You’re more likely to have more new visitors if you have social media account/s setup for starters, and even more if it’s professionally branded to match your current website, and even more so if your social media pages are actively being updated correctly.

Social media pages are like miniature websites spread across the web.  They all have the ability to share your info on products or services your offer.  They’re another fishing line you have in the water.  Once you have the line in the water, now you have to have the right bait to catch anything.  The correct bait would be having your pages set up correctly and designed properly to match your current branding along with proper activity and engagement on the different social media outlets.  We share and show our clients how to do this.  Plus we will show you which social medias are the best ones for you to start with.

Social media pages for business is the way of the future, your competitors are doing it; get in touch with Alpha Web and we will research and show you how to compete with your competitors the right way.

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