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Video Production & Animation

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? Professionally promo yourself or create an explainer video to boost your site and share on Youtube.

Video on the internet is in huge demand and has skyrocketed in recent years and is still extremely popular.  Youtube is still the 2nd largest search engine and has been for years.  People like to be hand fed info instantly these days to minimize reading since our society is used to everything instant.

Creating a promo video of your services or products is easier to accomplish than you might think.  What we do to help our clients is shoot a video and post it on their website so visitors can easily and quickly learn about what is is you offer, why they should use you and how you operate.  The process is simple, we get your goals, help prepare a script for you to share your message, schedule a shoot date and time, shoot using the latest HD video equipment inside our out, post edit the video into a professional final draft and finally deliver the video to the client in any video format desired.

As mentioned before, just shooting a single video is powerful and here’s why:

-We will place the video on your website for people to see right when the land on your homepage.

-We will place the video on YouTube, title it, describe it, tag it, choose a good thumbnail….we can even simply embed the YouTube video onto your website.

-Search engines love video, especially professionally done video which has been properly set up on the web.

-Your video can be shared across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

-Your video can be burned to a DVD and used in your lobby or at tradeshows or used on a commercial ad.

We also help our clients by creating explainer videos or animated videos which are 100% graphically driven.  These are good for people who don’t want to use a camera and want to get their message across in a fun creative way.  Animated videos include custom created animated characters and or scenes, audio voice overs, script writing, music and sound effects.

Let Alpha show you how easy yet powerful our Naples video production team is at further branding your product or services.

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